why redwood environmentalThe environmental benefits of redwood can be categorized in one word: High. Lost Coast Redwood Products, in particular, are grown and harvested in accordance with strict environmental standards. In fact, Lost Coast Redwood Products are certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Learn more about our FSC Certification and why it is so important.


The logs used to manufacture Lost Coast Redwood Products are harvested in a responsible, ethical manner with an eye for long-term sustainability. Our partners do this by harvesting redwood logs at a level consistently below California forests’ annual growth rate and by planting trees yearly, two methods that ensure Lost Coast Redwood Products will be a renewable resource for years to come. Because of this, Lost Coast Redwood Products are more sustainable than alternative materials manufactured from non-renewable, petroleum-based sources.


Unlike plastic products, which may produce pollution as a byproduct and often end up in landfills, Lost Coast Redwood Products can be recycled throughout their useful life. Redwood bark, for example, is often recycled into beautiful mulch and ground cover. Old structures made of redwood are often salvaged and re-milled to take advantage of high value, exceptionally beautiful lumber. Even old redwood fence boards can find new life as a functional planter box.


At the end of their useful life, Lost Coast Redwood Products are biodegrade and re-enter the earth from whence they came, completing the cycle of life. Plastics often do not decompose and will remain in landfills indefinitely.