stainless steel nailsYou have several options when it comes to fasteners for redwood. Whether you are building a dog house, furniture, planter box, garden structure, patio deck, or other outdoor living project, choosing the right fastener is an important part of the job. Nails and screws work well for a variety of projects you may want to build. Hidden fastener systems are increasingly popular for decks, as they leave the deck surface free of visible hardware.

The rule of thumb when it comes to fasteners for redwood is to choose one that is non-corrosive. The best options are stainless steel, aluminum, or top-quality, hot-dipped galvanized fasteners. Electro-plated galvanized fasteners are not recommended due to their low quality. Using lower quality fasteners will cause unsightly stains on your new redwood deck, fence, or garden structure, and should be avoided. The reason is because these types of fasteners will react with redwood’s natural, decay resisting extractives, which will cause staining. Other types of coated fasteners are also not recommended as the coating may wear off over time.